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Power Cord RibbonThe United States is currently experiencing an extraordinary escalation in energy prices.  This is largely due to world events, the weakness of the dollar, the huge increase in energy consumption in Asia, and the hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, which damaged oil and natural gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico as well as land-based oil refineries. The result has been an increase in the cost of energy, which is impacting not only the College, but all Americans, from individuals to large corporations, including federal and state government.  In fact, a leading indicator of energy prices can be found at the gasoline pumps.  The recent run up in worldwide energy prices will affect The College’s energy expenditures.  For this reason, the entire College Community must work together to conserve all forms of energy.  Energy is one of our most precious, yet under-appreciated, commodities.  Each person within TCNJ’s many buildings plays a vital role in helping to control energy costs through deliberate, continued conservation. The success of this energy conservation initiative depends upon the concerted effort, dedication and determination of all faculty, staff and students.

Thank you for your support and continued dedication in helping The College to succeed in this critical effort. Share your comments or questions:

Paul Romano Senior Director of Sustainability and Energy Management